Repair Terms and Conditions

CommDepot Responsibilities

At CommDepot we make all the efforts to repair your device and return it to you in working condition. We will be responsible for physical safekeeping of your device while in our possession during the repair process. We will be responsible for ensure that your device information is not accessed while the device is on our premises. Your information and your device are of upmost importance and will be treated in confidence, complete accuracy, and privacy.

However CommDepot does not take any responsibility for safekeeping of Simcards and SD cards or any other accessories that came with the phone. We advise you keep all those items in your possession.

CommDepot cannot be held responsible for any manufacturer warranty that might be voided as a result of work done by our company. If in any case this is a concern, please check on warranty terms with your manufacturer before bringing your device to CommDepot. Many manufacturers will void all warranties intentionally once a third-party company is involved in repairs.

Devices left uncollected for 90 days will be threatened as abandoned and will be recycled or disposed of. Please maintain your ticket number with you at all times while your device is at CommDepot. The ticket number for your repair is only method used to track your device.

Device Data

We advise you to back up your entire device before the repair, otherwise let us know beforehand so that we could do that for you. CommDepot is not responsible for any data loss or data corruption during the repair. You are solely responsible for removing or encrypting any sensitive or confidential information on your device prior to having any repair performed.

Personal Information

Any personal information provided by you (such as e-mail, contact number or mailing address) will be used only to perform the service you have requested; CommDepot will not sell, rent, give away or otherwise spread such information at anytime.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

General Warranty

All parts provided and installed by CommDepot come with a 60 day warranty starting from the day repair was completed and covers manufacturer related defects. Batteries are covered with a 3 months warranty. A repair that did not require any replacement parts (labor/workmanship) will be covered with a 60 day warranty.

Warranty on all parts and labor will not cover defects resulting from any action by you or any supplemental damage that is unrelated to repair performed by CommDepot . Warranty will not cover any physical damage including drops, cracks, or pressure damage, water damage, chemical or electrical damage as well as if malfunction is caused by software update or unauthorized software modification, or if damage is caused by accessories used with the device. Warranty on screen replacement covers touch screen functionality only, it does not cover LCD discoloration, lines, back light fail, dead pixel or black spots. Should your device malfunction, CommDepot will inspect it and, if found to fall under warranty conditions will be repaired at no charge. Some specific warranty terms may apply in certain cases.

This warranty will be void if your device shows evidence of being damaged by heat, moisture, vibration, misuse, current or any other condition outside of CommDepot control. There is no warranty on phones that have been repaired from liquid damage as well as parts installed on water damaged phone.

Software repairs are covered with 60 day warranty and is void due to any software modifications such as but not limited to: updates, software restore, removal of software that was installed by CommDepot.


Discount Policies

Any promotion discount cannot be combined with another discount or marketing promotion and cannot be used for multiple repairs or purchases. Please consider which discount or promo you wish to use for your repair or accessories purchase upfront. You need to mention the discount or promo you wish to use once you you visit our store but not after paying.

Booking Policies

Booking a repair is made to help you plan your visit. It does not guarantee a priority repair or parts kept in stock. We service walk in and booked customers on first come – first serve basis.

Buy & Sell Policies

We sell carrier unlocked used and/or refurbished cell phones that has been fully tested for performance. We give a 60 day warranty on all devices we sell; software issues are not covered with any warranty. Phones found to malfunction within warranty period will be repaired by CommDepot or, in case we are not able to perform such repair, the device will be replaced with one of equal value. Warranty on phones sold by CommDepot will not cover any physical damage, water damage, chemical or electrical damage as well as if malfunction is caused by software or if damage is caused by accessories used with the device, will not cover defects resulting from any action by you or any supplemental damage. All sales on used phones are final – no returns.

We buy unlocked cell phones that are not on a contract and are fully paid off. We don’t buy locked devices, icloud activation locked devices, blacklisted or reported lost or stolen devices. We shall fully inspect your phone before giving you a final cash offer, please be ready to leave your phone for testing, which will take minimum 10 minutes. Value of your device will also be determined by model, memory size and condition. All devices must be restored to factory setting and be free of any account locks (such as iCloud or Google lock). We don’t buy water damaged or devices that cannot be repaired. You must present a government issued ID in order for us to buy your device.

Important to Consider

  • After being open, the phone can no longer be considered water resistant or waterproof. In rare circumstances cosmetic damage may occur during a repair; in this case CommDepot will not compensate this damage as it is justified risk in a repair process.
  • Phones may have other related to initial damage such as frame dent, housing damage that may prevent new parts from sitting properly, cause assembly issues and might make your device more fragile for future damage.
  • An attempt to repair that involves micro soldering that may result in phone being permanently dead, CommDepot will not take any responsibility or offer compensations for a failed micro soldering repair attempts.
  • We depict the condition your device came in, in case we won’t be able to confirm any functions working before repair, CommDepot will not take responsibility for those functions to malfunction after repair.


Brick & Mortar Store Policies

Store Policies

We at CommDepot are committed to our customer satisfaction. Therefore we ask our customers to inspect orders with care by double checking their products and receipts prior to leaving the store. We are confident that our customers will be satisfied with our top quality products. Please take a moment and familiarize yourself with our policies on this page.
CommDepot warrants its products to be free from defects at the time they are sold. CommDepot’s liability is limited to the replacement of the products sold, provided it can be determined that they were defective at the time they were sold. We cannot be held liable for any loss, damage, injury, or expense of any kind as a result of the use, or inability to use Communication Depot’s products. This warranty is in lieu of any other warranty expressed or implied. All brand-new phones have a 60 day manufacturer warranty. Used, Open Box, or Refurbished devices have a 60-day store warranty. Warranty does not cover or include physical damage such as: water damage, cracked screens, battery issues, or any other damage that was caused to the device after purchase. Warranty does not cover or include lost or stolen devices.


Returns are available on a very limited basis with a 25% restocking charge and must be made within 3 days of purchase date. Merchandise must be returned in the same condition as sold and must be accompanied by the transaction receipt and package contents at all times. No Exceptions.

All accessory sales are final. Products not returnable include (but not limited to): opened merchandise, chargers, cases, Bluetooth devices, screen protectors, connectivity cables, and/or any other accessory device. There will be no returns permitted. No Exceptions.


All payments are non-refundable. Payments include (but not limited to): Prepaid Monthly Plans, Prepaid Minute Cards, Prepaid Pins, Post-Pay Plans, Utility Payments, and any Service Payments. Please make sure the correct number is on the top of the receipt before leaving the store.
Major credit cards and cash are accepted. Checks are not permitted.
No cancellations are accepted after purchase – all sales are final. It is the responsibility of the customer to pay any taxes or fees required at the time of purchase. Comunication Depot reserves the right to refuse or cancel any transaction.

Buy Back / Trade-in Programs

Due to important federal laws and regulations, we adhere to a strict policy with regards to buying back or trading in merchandise. Identification is required for all devices and/or phones Buy-Back or Trade-In. Accessory trades or buy-backs are not permitted. These include (but not limited to): chargers, cases, Bluetooth devices, screen protectors, connectivity cables, and/or any other accessory device.


Thank you for your business. We look forward to serving you with the highest satisfaction every time, guaranteed!