Here’s the Right Way to Rescue a Wet Smartphone

Given the hundreds of ways your phone could come into life-threatening contact with water, you should know what to do when it happens (because unfortunately it might). It fell in the toilet. Your clum...

Cell Phone Repair in St. Louis – Missouri

In need of fast yet inexpensive quality phone repairs in the St. Louis area? Visit one of CommDepot’s stores in the Greater St. Louis area and experience fast turnaround times, affordable repair...

How to Customize your Apps and Home Screen in iOS 14

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How to Set Up an iCloud Account on iPhone

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How to Set Up a Google Account on Android

An Android phone essentially works due to a Google Account. It is through the Google Account that a user can access the Play store, Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs and several other useful features that a...

How to Backup your iPhone

The data that is stored in one’s phone can be extremely precious and losing that data can be very troubling. There is so much important stuff that we tend to save in our smartphones these days t...

How to finally silent your ringing phone?

With the bombardment of notifications and ringing sounds, phones can be an annoying accessory. Silent mode is one of the most useful features on a smartphone. While it is important for one to have ale...

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