Micro Soldering Chip (IC) Repair

CommDepot offers professional and accurate motherboard and logic board repair for Apple iPhones and other devices. This includes Audio Component IC Repair, “Touch Disease” IC Repair, Face ID IC Replacement, “No Service” Searching IC Repair, and more.

IC Micro Soldering Repair

These repairs are more complex and require intensive time and accuracy as they require detailed soldering on the motherboard (logic board) of the effected device.

Different models of iPhones and Samsung smartphones have been affected by these issues since their release. After troubleshooting numerous aspects, we concluded no water damage, no overheating and the replacement of all the possible component parts as did not solve the problem. We then dove further into investigating the motherboard and through experience we are not able to resolve numerous motherboard issues.

IC Sound Possible Symptoms

These issues are common:

  • Speaker Button Grayed Out
  • No audio device detected
  • Loudspeaker that does not work
  • Sound of videos not working
  • No sound during a call
  • The phone takes a long time to start

IC Touch Possible Symptoms

These issues are common:

  • Cannot touch screen, even though physical damage not present
  • Screen shows flickering grey bar
  • Touch functionality is sporadic and never consistent
  • Screen responds partially only after a reset

IC Search Possible Symptoms

These issues are common:

  • Phone displays No Service
  • Cannot get passed Activation Screen
  • IMEI not displayed
  • Modem Firmware missing

IC Power Possible Symptoms

These issues are common:

  • Phone does not charge
  • No display or blacked out display
  • No signs of life on device, physical damage not present
  • Device will not boot up to the main screen

The CommDepot Gaurantee

If we can not fix your device issue, we will not charge you.

We offer an unmatched level of support and are always ready to resolve your issue the first time around. That is why we have focused all our efforts to provide the highest level of service. Here is our service promise to you:

We will:
  • Treat you fairly and courteously throughout the entire interaction.
  • Respond accurately to any questions you may have at any time.
  • Give you a fully inclusive price for your service/repair prior to that action taking place.
  • Consult with you about any additional work that is required prior to completion.
  • Keep you updated on the progress of your service/repair regularly.
  • Proactively inspect other areas of the phone that may be damaged applying 8 Point system.
  • Make sure your device is ready when we promise.
  • Fully and accurately explain what took place with the service/repair and your invoice.
  • Guarantee the quality of the work we perform.
  • To ensure we have delivered on our promise, we may contact you within 48 hours to make sure you are completely satisfied.

That’s our guarantee with every repair.