Apple iPhone 12 Speculations

Apple is set to launch the new iPhone 12 pretty soon and smartphone enthusiasts all have their eyes set on what redesign will this new iPhone go through. Apple has made some major design changes in the last iPhone 11 which shocked several people because of the sudden change to the typical iPhone style. However, the new iPhone 12 seems to be even more shocking when looking at the leaks that have come out so far. Here we will discuss all the leaks and the speculations for iPhone 12 before it officially launches.



It can be speculated that the new iPhone will have 5G capabilities. This will be a great addition to the iPhone series as other smartphone companies have been racing to make their phone compatible with the 5G technology and it is starting to feel like Apple is falling behind in the department. However, it has been revealed through the leaks that iPhone 12 Pro will have 5G capabilities of a very low standard meanwhile only the iPhone 12 Pro Max will have the full premium 5G capabilities which is a shame considering how long it is taking Apple to introduce 5G capabilities to their phones. If you are purchasing the latest iPhone you would expect it to have all the features that competing companies like Samsung has but that’s not that case here.


Battery Life

By introducing 5G into their phones, Apple has had to cut down on the battery life and essentially downgrading the battery life from its predecessors. It is speculated that Apple might release a 4G model of the iPhone 12 Pro later on which may have a much more improved battery life than the 5G variant. So we can only hope to look forward to how that turns out.


Launch Date

Usually iPhones tend to get announced in September of every year. So by that calculation, September 8 would have been an ideal date for the announcement of the new iPhone 12.  The phones tend to go on official sale a few weeks after that. However, this year Apple itself has said that there may be a delay in the new iPhones so there is no knowing when they will go on sale as of yet. Certain suppliers have suggested that the phone will not get announced till October but these are all just speculations.




The speculated costs of the iPhone 12 models that have been leaked so far are given below


iPhone 12 4G > 549 (128 GB)


iPhone 12 5G > 649 (128 GB), 749 (256 GB)


iPhone 12 Max 4G > 649 (128 GB), 759 (256 GB)


iPhone 12 Max > 749 (128 GB), 849 (256 GB)


iPhone 12 Pro > 999 (128 GB), 1,099 (256 GB), 1,299 (512 GB)


iPhone 12 Pro Max > 1,099 (128 GB), 1,199 (256 GB), 1,399 (512 GB)


These are just rough estimates of the speculated prices of the iPhone 12 models. However, the real prices will be revealed once Apple officially announced it’s new phones.

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