Apple AirPod Pro Review

Apple has set the standard with its in-ear headphones, AirPods, which have started a growing trend for wireless in-ear headphones. With the release of AirPods Pro, Apple seems to be promising something more than it’s already given. Following are some of the prominent features;


Ease of Usage

By getting rid of the unnecessary wires, Apple has essentially made these AiPods fit for any activity. They can be used without the fear of the wires getting tangled and getting unplugged without warning. The AirPods Pro feature soft, silicone tips that can be attached or removed. These come in three different sizes – small, medium and large – depending on what size the users may want to use them in. They are made to fit the ear perfectly which prevents them from falling out of the ear and enables you to do any sort of demanding activity while having your AirPods in.


Sound Quality 

The AiPods Pro have immaculate sound quality. It has Adaptive EQ which essentially shapes the sounds wave to the shape of your ear giving you an unreal experience of sound. The quality built of the speakers deliver an amazingly powerful bass sound with minimal distortion. The amplifier attached in these headphones work to remove any background noises, helping produce crisp and high quality sound. Overall the sound quality is amazing and definitely the main highlight of the AirPods Pro.


Active Noise Cancellation

 One of the other good features is the noise cancellation feature that is used to reduce any unnecessary sounds from the environment so that users can enjoy the pure sounds that they want to hear through their phones. The AirPods Pro feature an outwards facing microphone that detects external noise and produces a counter sound to cancel out the external noise. There is also an inward facing microphone that detects any external noise that may have penetrated inside and works to cancel that out as well.



The AiPods Pro have the H1 chip that has been designed by Apple and features 10 audio cores which enables the amazing sound quality and active noise cancellation. It works to control everything from the effective touch gestures of the user to control the volume levels and the activation of Siri. There is a force sensor that conveniently switches between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparent mode while also controlling the levels of volume for both music and taking calls.



The AirPods charge wirelessly in their charging case which according to Apple gives more than 24 hours of battery life making it convenient for you to use the AirPods Pro for long duration. A total of 4 and a half hours of listening time one charge is promised.



AirPods Pro are definitely a game changer in the market of in-ear headphones. At the retail price of $249 they may be a little more expensive than the average headphones but the quality that they provide for that price speaks for itself.

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